Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Morro Bay Home Flooded in Recent Storm

This flooded mechanical room was the result of a severe rainstorm causing homes on the Central Coast, Ca. area to flood. The flooring of this basement was satur... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen Damage in Cambria

Flooding shut down this commercial kitchen. The damage in this commercial kitchen was due to flooding in the Cambria, Ca. area. In fact many homes and businesse... READ MORE

How to Inspect Your Trees BEFORE a Storm

Dead wood Dead trees and branches can fall at any time. Look for leafless branches when others have plenty of green leaves. Another sign of dead wood is old bar... READ MORE

Tree Removal Services

Evaluate tree damage. Evaluate your trees carefully by asking the following:Other than storm damage, is the tree basically healthy? Are major limbs and/or the ... READ MORE

Roof Help After a Hurricane

How to clean up after a hurricane With the proper safety gear, such as goggles, hard hats, masks, heavy gloves, and waterproof boots, begin the cleanup process.... READ MORE

Fallen Tree

Just like anything else, trees grow old and can deteriorate in the process. If you have a tree that’s rotting or diseased, it’s best to remove it be... READ MORE